Senior Web3 Frontend Angular Developer

Xion Global
Xion Global
Job Functions:
Software Engineering
Employment Types:
25 – 55 USD per hour
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An enthusiastic web3 frontend angular developer that is eager to work in a fast-paced crypto payments environment with good communication skills and consistently proposing new solutions.

The experience required:

  1. Typescript
  2. HTML
  3. Angular
  4. CSS
  5. JS
  6. AWS
  7. REST APIs
  8. Web3.js
  9. Ether.js


Work on an Angular/Typescript API dashboard for Golang/JSON API key generation for client integration.

Manage web3 wallet connections for user authentication, transactions signing and approval within Xion hosted checkout and platform. (Infura, Auth0, Quicknode etc).

Work alongside Golang backend dev and multiple partners to integrate new payments bridge and smart contracts for paying in hosted checkout (e.g. 1 tx to swap, bridge, pay to smart contract, smart contract payout to merchant) currently building prototype with partners, will be available within the next month for integration and then needs to be adapted to our APIs and Unity SDK for integration.

Small UI updates and fixes on our DeFi application for wallet connections, signing transactions, integrating 1inch for swapping tokens, multi chain bridging across chains and working with our staking/farming contracts to add new tokens/liquidity pools onto our farming/staking page.

Using Avocode or Figma for new designs

You will be responsible for developing API dashboards, working on our web3 hosted checkouts, connections to evm based smart contracts (web3.js), integrating and testing crypto wallet connections (MetaMask, WalletConnect, Torus etc) in conjunction with Auth0 and overall supporting the latest UI/UX for our crypto payments platform.

You must also adhere to the latest security practices for user authentication using Auth0 in conjunction with Torus for our crypto payments platform and consistently update GitHub repos with commits and sufficient documentation to deploy/merge latest branches.

The immediate responsibility is to work on the API dashboard that will be used to generate API keys for merchants to integrate our REST (GO, JSON) APIs into their platforms.

Work will be done via slack, Jira and GitHub.

Please note Web3 & Angular knowledge is required for this job application.

We look forward to your applications.

Note: Golang, Unity & Solidity Experience is a bonus!

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